The 4th Belgrade Konstanz Summer School on Challenges of Migration and Integration in the Danube Region - Towards a Joint Vision?

Konstanz, Germany, July 30th - August 5th, 2017 

The Belgrade-Konstanz Summer School is a cooperative project of the Zoran Djindjic Foundation, Faculty of Political Sciences, the University of Belgrade and the University of Konstanz, the Department of Politics and Public Administration. This year's fourth edition took place at the University of Konstanz from Sunday, July 30th to Saturday, August 5th, 2017.

The school brought together 16 students, 10 from the University of Konstanz, and 6 from the University of Belgrade. The summer school seeks to encourage societal leaders of tomorrow to start addressing pressing problems jointly, rather than within the boundaries of their nation-states.

After the lectures and workshops dedicated to making decisions and searching for the policy solutions on European migrant crisis, the participants had the opportunity to visit the city landmarks and find out more about Zoran Djindjic's life and student days in Konstanz where he obtained his Ph.D. degree in 1979.

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